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About the Designer
Kitchen Plans.biz is the home page of kitchen designer Eugene Stevenson. Born in Huyton Liverpool in1957, he spent his formative years in the Isle of Man and currently lives in North Wales with wife Wendy and son Luke.
An electrician by trade Eugene "fell" into fitted furniture design 29+ years ago and has never looked back (not this week anyway).
Although fitted furniture design implies bedrooms, bathrooms, home studies etc this site focuses on his fitted kitchen work. "All designers have their speciality, kitchens are mine".(contact the designer eugene@kitchenplans.biz )
Trading Practices.
Although Eugene works as a freelance designer he also works extensively with some of North Wales most respected specialist suppliers and installers of fitted furniture. So, if you need a suppliers of units as well as a designer, help is at hand here also.
Ancient History.
Twenty odd years is a long time to spend designing kitchens and it hasn't gone unnoticed. A number of top British home improvement magazines are soon to publish case studies of some of his most recent work. Some of these kitchens feature in the galleries shown on this site. The kitchen shown on the right was the feature of a six page case study in the October 2004 issue of Kitchen Culture magazine. This same kitchen has also featured in vol5 of International Smart House and Kitchen & Bathroom Designer (April 2005). Also in April 2005, Room, Rooms, Rooms magazine did a five page spread on this kitchen.
Before going freelance way back in 1996 Eugene also had occasion to sit on retailer panels for a number of top manufacturers inc' Schreiber (pre MFI) and Elizabeth Anne.
These days however we see him more involved with the design process rather than product development. Although as he acts as a "beta tester" for the developer that produces his CAD software you could say he's still "putting his oar in" given the opportunity. He has also worked as part of a 12 man specialist focus group for the same software house at their Watford based headquarters.
Secrets of Success.
So what does Eugene believe the secret is to successful design?
"At the end of the day there is no single defining ideal that assures success. However having a genuine interest in doing the very best you can for the prospective client is always a good start.
They are potentially spending a lot of money with the company you represent. If you aren't interested, why should they be. A client that is willing to open up and share their aspirations is also a must. After that all you need is a quality product (The Ultimate Collection), quality software (ArtiCAD pro), the patience of a saint and a good following wind"
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