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"See Your Finished Kitchen Before You Buy It"

The Dream The Reality
Take a look at the two images above. Notice anything? They're pretty close copies of each other aren't they? The important thing to remember is that the image on the right is a photograph of the finished kitchen whereas on the left we have one of a series of "artists impressions" of what the finished job should look like.
Please browse the options shown below to see how you can achieve the same kind of results. If you have any further queries about the design services on offer, contact the designer: eugene@kitchenplans.biz
To see how you can get the same results shown above, check out the options on the right and follow the links for more infomation
"I already have a plan, but I want to see what the job will look like finished"
further information
"I have all the measurements but need help designing my layout"
further information
"I don't know where to start, I need somebody to measure & design from scratch"
further information
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