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For those people who have their room measurements on paper but need help planning the layout.
So you know how to use a tape measure and you have a vague idea of what you want to see in the finished room The trouble is your 'e not sure what to do next. The thought of having a host of salesmen crawling around your house telling you why you should give them your business leaves you cold.
There is an easier way, commission a set of plans and photorealistic drawings, as shown in CAD Galleries. That way you can be sure of getting like for like quotes from all your prospective suppliers.
See bottom of page for details of cost etc.
Low resolution sample plan and photorealistic images.

What We Need From You:

  • A rough plan detailing all relevant measurements. This needn't be to scale, can be in ft/inches or cm/mm, but does need to be clear. Try to include the heights of window sills, window reveals and ceiling as these will help make our drawing more recognizable as your own room.
  • Choice of door style and colour, i.e. Shaker Pearwood. If you know the brand and range name of your preferred product all the better.
  • Why not include a photo of the view from your window, the views shown in the CAD Galleries are the actual views from the home featured.
  • Details of appliances required. Are you looking for a built in oven and hob or perhaps you prefer the idea of a range cooker? Do you want an integrated fridge or a free standing American style fridge/freezer? These are the sort of choices you need to make at the outset. Don't worry, if we think there are better options to suit the size/shape of the room in question, we'll advise you accordingly before preparing the final drawings.
  • A list of any "must have" features ie glass fronted dressers, pull out bases, pan drawers etc. We'll do our best to incorporate as many of your requirements as is practically possible.

What You Will Get From Us (almost always within a week):

  • Initially a set of black and white draft images will be sent for your approval. Any layout changes requested at this stage will be undertaken at no extra cost
  • A full set of photo real drawings added to our CAD Galleries (you can direct prospective suppliers to your gallery, to help them prepare their quotation to you).
  • Hard copies of all illustrations on photo glossy paper (A3+).
  • Hard copy of annotated plan with all measurements detailed (A3).

So How Much Does it Cost?

  • For all of the above the cost is just £130.00

How Do I Proceed?

  • Send your cheque for £130.00, made payable to Eugene Stevenson, to:
    Kitchen Plans.biz
    50 Bryn Marl Road
    Colwyn Bay
    LL28 5EA
  • Be sure to include all the planning information required (see page top)
  • Remember we need your postal address so we can forward your hard copies.
  • For further information, contact the designer eugene@kitchenplans.biz
    Or, telephone/text to: 07855 811 680
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