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Shown left is the cover of the 2005 fitted kitchen brochure by William Ball. This latest edition features four "client" kitchen layouts.
Of these four, two where designed by Kitchen Plans designer Eugene Stevenson.
To have one layout featured is an achievement, to have two is a real delight.
"One of the most striking aspects of this kitchen is the imaginative design..."
In October 2004, Kitchen Culture magazine described this layout as "The Full Monty".
It ran a six page review on the design & content which has since led the manufacturer, William Ball, to feature it heavily in their current advertising (including their own homepage).
Following the interest caused by Kitchen Cultures case study of the "Full Monty" kitchen, Kitchen & Bathroom Designer did an interview with Kitchen Plans for a designers perspective on the layout (published April 2005).
The "imaginative design" mentioned in the William Ball brochure was featured as a case study by Rooms magazine in May 2005. Say's the editor: "Any more like that, send them in..."
Favorite of technology and gadget freaks, International Smart House did there own review of the "Full Monty" kitchen (Vol5 iss2). "So it's not just the kitchen mags who where impressed then".
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